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Barbara at gallery

Barbara at the art gallery

Here’s why I sign my name Barbara, Bobbie, Barb, Barbie, Mom, Grandma or G’ma, and GG: I married an Army Office who brought to our marriage two beautiful little kids. After that we had two more beautiful little kids. Among them I now have five in-laws, eight grandchildren,  and two great-grandchildren. Some friends call me Bobbie, others Barb or Barbie. Oh, yes. And some of my cousins still call me Barbara Ann.
Blue Ridge ParkwayWEBI grew up in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.
and graduated from Lee H. Edwards High School in Asheville; it’s now known as Asheville High . Maiden name: Barbara Ann Hembree.
Asheville High, 2
My Bachelor’s degree in English comes from Western Carolina College (now University) and my Bachelor’s in Library Science from Mississippi University for Women. After obtaining a Master’s Degree in English from The University of West Florida I taught English at Pensacola Junior College (now Pensacola State College).
monarch on magnoliaWEBTwo of my favorite things are wild flowers and butterflies. The flowers I grow are to attract butterflies, either as host plants for caterpillars or as nectar plants for adult butterflies. I am especially fond of monarchs, so I supply the caterpillars with milkweed, the plant they lay their eggs on. Milkweed doesn’t grow profusely in Florida as it does farther north.
I spend a lot of time writing books and stories for children. My needlework projects are a thing of the past, although I do have a few unfinished ones I might get to someday.
Li River in Guilin, China

Li River in Guilin, China

You are welcome to visit my blog, Stories a la Mode, http://barbarabockman.wordpress.com  where I review children’s books and tell about my own. I also like to write about my family and our travels. I might occasionally treat you to some of my stories here on my “Stories Page.”



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