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Han and the Mysterious Pearl

Han and the Mysterious Pearl (2)


The secretive and shadowy finger mountains near Han’s home excite his curiosity, and he enters the mysterious cave that sends out a beckoning glow. Inside, he finds an old man sleeping and guarding an ancient treasure. Han’s misguided shortcut to prosperity leads him and his pet cormorant into unimagined danger. Suggested age range for readers:  7 – adult

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HAN AND THE MYSTERIOUS CAVE is published by Guardian Angel Publishing and illustrated by Carl Kocich.






After Craig’s mom dies, his dad becomes abusive. Craig reacts by vandalizing others’ property and becomes an outcast in the community. Finally he runs away. Though he tries to cut down a tree belonging to his neighbors, the Arks, they open their hearts to him and take him into their home. Craig’s dad also runs away, and his disappearance is a mystery. Nelson Ark’s dog, Siegfried, sort of adopts Craig, seeming to sense that Craig needs a friend and someone (dog) to love. The whole community, including the group, Kids for a Better Tomorrow (K’BeTs), join together to present a Winter Carnival to raise money for the tree’s care. One of the K’BeTs, a cute girl, Carson, befriends Craig, realizing he is remorseful. In attempting to “mend” the tree, Craig mends his own life. The tree and Craig are brought to life in Kaytalin Platt’s cover illustration.


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Wounds is a middle grade chapter book- Free Teacher’s Guide

WOUNDS is published by MuseItUp Publishing, in the MuseItYoung imprint, cover art by Kaytalin Platt.


Fantastic Flight

Fan. Flt. Cover0001

After one night at her grandparents’ beach house, Jessica is ready to go home to Mommy and Daddy. Grandma suggests a fantastic outing with Grandpa that sounds like fun. The balloon Grandpa buys for Jessica takes them on a fantastic flight where they meet some unusual characters. Suggested ages for readers: 4-7.


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FANTASTIC FLIGHT is published by Guardian Angel Publishing and illustrated by Jack Foster.


Arctic Danger

Arctic Danger, cover

Gary and his sister, Kiana, go for a leisurely kayak trip to the store now that the ice is broken up on the stream that runs by their home.  They identify birds and trees and flowers and pass under the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, the pipe that takes oil to southern markets. But their trip turns into a frantic dash for help when they encounter danger along the way. Will these two kids be able to save the day?


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How ARCTIC DANGER came to be written:

When my husband and I went to Alaska by motorhome with our dog, Daisy, we had to stop sometimes to walk the dog. One day we watched from a bridge as children played in the cold river below us. Just watching them made me shiver. Alaskan kids are tough and I thought I would like to write about them. Then later I read about a leak in the pipeline. I put those two items together and this story was born. Alaska is a beautiful place and needs to be protected.

ARCTIC DANGER is published by Guardian Angel Publishing and illustrated by Eugene Ruble.


Bon Bon


BonBon is a plush toy French Poodle dog. She lives, for the time being, at the Twice-Loved Toy Shop inParis, France. She longs for a nice child to take her to a loving home. While she practices being patient, she and the other toys look out the window and see the Eiffle Tower. They talk about other beautiful and famous places in Paris. But, oh, no! BonBon is hidden by another toy, a large bear. Will BonBon ever be seen by tourists walking up and down the Champs Elysees Boulevard? A series of fortunate events is about to happen. Eugene Ruble used photographs of the real BonBon to share the pup’s story with readers.


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BON BON is published by Guardian Angel Publishing and illustrated by Eugene Ruble.


Colby Mouse’s Christmas Gift

Colby Mouse's Christmas Gift

Colby Mouse lives in a people house. While enjoying the colors and smells of Christmas, he’s spotted. Now he’s in danger of being caught in a catch-and-release trap. But Colby wants to stay in the house and join in the Christmas festivities. And he’s clever enough to figure out a way to do that. Can’t you just smell the pine and peppermint? KC Snider’s illustrations bring Colby to life.


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COLBY MOUSE’S CHRISTMAS GIFT is published by Guardian Angel Publishing and illustrated by KC Snider.